Beverly Bartlett

51 years old · Female
Beverly Bartlett
A Little About Me
On more than one occasion, Ive noticed that many people take parenting too seriously. You can see them hovering around their children, attempting to make sure they don't accidentally view a TV screen while in line at the museum, or that they're not given a cookie between meals by Grandma.<br /><br />They stand in sharp contrast to the also quite large group of parents who appear, to me, not to be taking their jobs seriously enough. They're the ones lost in their phone at the edge of the park, oblivious to the fact that their child is terrorizing the playground and risking mortal injury by misusing the slide.<br /><br />In fact, Ive decided that there are, in any good-sized crowd, no more than a half dozen people who get it more or less right most of that time.<br /><br />One of those is, naturally enough, me. <br /><br />Well, okay, not really. But I at least try to vacillate between the two extremes and spice it up with a good bit of self-mocking as I go.
What I'm Looking for
I want to help explore the best and the worst of parenting in the early part of the 21st century, especially as it exists here in Louisville. I want to look at the over-scheduling, the escalating birthday party pressure, the insane amount of stranger paranoia that we all think is overdone and yet... can't quite figure out how to avoid. But also the really cool parts, the joy of realizing that your kids are a lot brighter than you and are probably going to be better educated and might just save the world. (At least mine will. Let me know about yours!)
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