32 years old · Female
A Little About Me
Time for an update!<br /><br />My name is Keri, and right now things are going really good for me, don't get me wrong i have my bad days. I recently found a job that i really like and that is not stressful. the ppl i work with are really cool. I have a great boyfriend who love me for me, and i can be myself around, i love my two best friends (AShley and Ladonna) they are the greatest... i am not really looking for much on here i am just keeping my profile to talk to the friends i have on here. <br /><br />I LOVE ALBERT!!
What I'm Looking for
I'm not looking for someone to save me. Just a place where my heart can unwind<br /><br /><br /><br />I want sweet guy. A guy i can trust, and b myself around. I want someone who will listen to me when i have a problem, who will hold me and try 2 make all my saddness go away. Someone who will set with me n the middle of the night when i am down, i want this guy 2 b my best friend and my lover. until i find this person all i want is FRIENDS. nothing more.<br /><br /><br /><br />What is life<br /><br />Written by ME<br /><br /><br /><br />laughing, crying, hating, r all apart of life you can cry, laugh, and hate in one night. there are times that you will say i hate you to the person you love, u'll cry about it, then the next thing you will look them in the eye and both of you will laugh, then you find ur in each others arms holding each other knowing that this is just one of many fights you are goin to have. what is love with out disagreements, with out hard times, without tears, without laughful or smiles? What is life without love? what is life without hate? what is life without trying? loving, hating, laughing, smiling, crying that is life. when you can experience them in one night then you know it is special!<br /><br /><br /><br />A poem from my favorite movie!<br /><br /><br /><br />10 things I hate about you poem<br /><br />I hate the way you talk to me, <br /><br />and the way you cut ur hair.<br /><br />I hate the way u drive my car, <br /><br />I hate it when u stare. <br /><br />I hate ur big dumb combat boots <br /><br />and the way u read my mind. <br /><br />I hate u so much it makes me sick,<br /><br />it even makes me rhyme. <br /><br />I hate the way youre always right, <br /><br />I hate it when u lie. <br /><br />I hate it when u make me laugh,<br /><br />even worse when u make me cry. <br /><br />I hate it when youre not around, <br /><br />and the fact that u didnt call. <br /><br />But mostly I hate the way I dont hate u, <br /><br />no even close<br /><br />not even a little bit <br /><br />not even at all.
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Networking, Friends
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None - But live and let live
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Yes, living at home
production operator
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Employed - Fulltime
My home is a zoo!
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