Iam WonderWoman

42 years old · Female
Iam WonderWoman
A Little About Me
I'm a mom of 1 awesome teenager, and 1 20 year old. I'v been divorced for about 16 years. I admit to being a redneck at times, but I don't consider myself a raciest person. I stand up for my friends. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. I'm out going and friendly.I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh. I also like going on motorcycle rides. I have a leather jacket, and vest that I wear as well as black harness boots. I also hate rude people. If you are unwilling to say it to someone's face don't say it or type it on here either. Try and be tactful. It is hard, but try. I rented this movie called Just Because I Said So. One of the movie lines was " Life is an adventure, and your the hero in it." It made me stop and think about my life. I really believe that to be true. Everything always happens for a reason. We dont always know why at the time they happen, but there is a reason. I am a very blessed person. I have great friends and an awesome family. They mean the world to me.Dare to dream and take risks. Your the only one that can control your life. We are all here for a reason. Make the best of it.
What I'm Looking for
I'm looking to make new friends and to find old ones. I am also looking for that special someone. I need laughter. They say that laughter is the best medicine in the world. I believe that. If you are in the military or have served in the military Thank you for serving our country.
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Iam WonderWoman
Went to Church Hill Down today for the first time since I was a teenager. Had a good time , but my girlfriends kids got my last nerve. I also one more than I lost placing bets.
Iam WonderWoman
Just went and saw Wonder Woman the movie. Go figure right LOL. Anyway good movie. Was an action movie with a little romance. I liked it alot.
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Great movie
Iam WonderWoman
Iam WonderWoman
Hello to all the Mojoer's that still come to Ghostville.com
Iam WonderWoman
Hope everyone is doing well.
Iam WonderWoman
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Iam WonderWoman
Iam WonderWoman
Iam WonderWoman
Iam WonderWoman
Iam WonderWoman
How much does this site cost?
I might be interested if it ever came up for sale.
Iam WonderWoman
I would pitch in.
Iam WonderWoman
Now I am going to whine. I want to old Mojo back even with the people I didn't like
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Iam WonderWoman
Welcome to Ghostville, Kentucky
Iam WonderWoman
If you want to go see or take your kids to go see a good movie. Take them to see Beauty and the Beast.. It was awesome.
Iam WonderWoman
It is sad that we have let the dip sh*t that bought the site mess it up this bad.
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