Iam WonderWoman
by on May 11, 2017
On Tuesday I was in at the Subway at the Hillview Walmart and on had like $7 dollars and some change on a Subway gift and priced a coldcut combo sub sandwich. The people Wil and Jenni in front of me bought my sandwich for me and wanted to know if I wanted chips and a drink. I was like " Are you for serious?" They were like yeah the guy said it happened to him plenty of times. To me it was like winning a small lottery. Nothing like that happens to me. I thanked them and gave them hugs. It made me stop and think. So when I went to Hillview Icecream and Diner last night I bought a gentleman's dinner to play it or pay it forward. I am going to start doing that when I have the money to spare. I think random acts of kindness in this city of violence right now could go a long way.