Puff, what is your source for the claim that he intentionally made it look like a bomb? I have seen no news reports of this.
Yeah, make a bar of soap look like a gun, you might get shot. Make a clock look like a bomb, you might get shot too. Especially if you're in Texas, and you're a Muslim.
I can't imagine anyone deliberately trying to provoke the authorities when it just might get them (or their child) killed.
Sure thing Cat I have provided a link to a news story that shows the clock and what it looked like, talks of his engineering teacher telling him he need to NOT show it to any other teachers. To assume he did not know this homemade clock could be mistaken for a bomb insults this kids intelligence.I can't speak with any authority why he did it but I can think of several reasons if I were in his position I might do the same thing. Of course I have a foul sense of humor.