"The Irvine police chief, Larry Boyd, said at a news conference on Wednesday that the officers were justified in detaining the teenager......He added however, that the police had no evidence to support that there was an intention to create an alarm."
If the police believe that he did not intend to cause alarm, how can you still contend that it was indeed his intention to build something that could be mistaken for a bomb? Would this teacher have reacted in the same way if the student was a freckle faced girl named Becky?
No evidence to there was intention to create an alarm, not sure why that makes any difference. I cannot speak to the teachers motivation, I have already said the arrest was an over reaction. In my opinion the issue could have been resolved at a much earlier stage if the first teacher had just asked the boy to leave the case with him until after school and explained why. I am not defending the PD or the Teacher or the kid, I am trying to look at all sides and in doing so I see all sides hold some responsibility in what happened. The sad part is for the rest of them it will become an anticdote but for the kid it could be a long lasting negative in his psyche.