Puff, you originally stated that he intentionally made it look like a bomb, and did it to get the reaction he and his father wanted. Are you now stepping back from that statement?
If not, again can you provide a source that you based it on, or was that just your opinion at the time that you posted it?
Not stepping back from that at all, I do believe that he created it to look similar to a bomb, I do believe his Father had something to do with it. His Father has fought for the rights and to dispel the misinformation of Muslims for years, he is a very intelligent man that has even run for the Presidency of his home nation twice. To look at the device the boy made and not see it was an intentional design baffles me. It would be a natural progression for the Son to follow in the footsteps of his Father and point out the plight of good Muslims being lumped in to the pot with the zelots.It is of course my opinion then and now that the device was made to draw attention and he got attention. Yes the reaction to it was extreme, yes the adults involved have come out with egg on their face, and yes it has pointed out to many how the country is judging and demonizing a group of people because of the actions of a minority of their population. To CG's question about if it had been a freckle faced girl named Becky, I doubt very seriously that it would have been handled the same way. I never said the over reaction was not due to who the kid was and his heritage.