Now while I am sure to enjoy all the frivolities that will come from the 45 camp as the Special Counsel and the grand jury
get down to business, I am thinking in the end the head of the snake may still get to go free.
I am going to go out on a limb here and share a head line we may see in our future.
Now I will admit to borrowing some of the headline from the past and just changed some of the players, but it was fun.
Having announced his resignation , Donald J Trump steps down from the the presidency of the United States and is succeeded by Vice President Michael R. Pence. Trump having resigned rather than face almost certain impeachment because of the Russian scandal, in which he was charged with misuse of presidential powers to violate the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, obstruction of justice, and failure to respond to House Judiciary Committee subpoenas.
Pence selects Paul Ryan as his vice president and pardons Trump and company for any crimes they may have committed while he was in office, explaining that he wanted to end the national division created by the Russian scandal.
Ironically, eight months later Mike Pence will be forced to resign following charges of political corruption in the Indiana state house
allowing Ryan to become only the second President to come to the office of President through appoinment rather than election.
Hey call it wishful thinking and I maybe off a bit here or there, but I think this grand jury is going to find some very interesting things.
Intriguing scenario, Watts. But recall that it took more than two years for Watergate to bring down Nixon. The grand jury's impanelment is only the start of what will be a lengthy prosecution, should the jury decide one is justified (which I'm sure they will).
Mid-term elections are a mere 15 months from now. The GOP is bleeding and reeling, battered not only by the Russiagate shitstorm but by their own widely-despised attempt to take millions of Americans' health care away and give the money that paid for it to the rich. There ain't enough gerrymandered districts in the country to save them from the vicious beating they will receive next year, when they lose control of Congress.
With the Dems in control of the Intel Committees, those investigations will cease to be shams as they are now under GOP control. Regardless of what Mueller does, or in addition to it, they will easily find enough evidence to impeach Trumputinpuppet. Which of course will also be a lengthy process.
So by the time Il Douchey decides to resign, if he does, any Republican appointed to serve out his term will have a very short stay in the Oval Office before a Democratic president is sworn in on January 20, 2021.
I am more concerned about another headline we may see in our future:
Besieged by the storm of his imminent impeachment and certain conviction, President Trump today launched all of America's ICBMs. You are all dead now, so you can't read this, but just sayin.'
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Yea I had forgotten all about the time table for the 2018 elections.
I still wonder at times, even with all that has happened, if there will be a beating.
I think this saying has been attributed to Mark Twain, but either way, here it is.
"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled "
So I have to wonder of those that still do not want to believe that they have been fooled
and will continue to want to press on with this madness.
I have had a nightmare about that headline as well, usually in my nightmare , I survive, but there is no one to tell "I told you so "
The scariest case scenario here is that Trump makes it through his only term, then announces he won't stand for reelection because he's "got bigger fish to fry," or some other such BS. He endorses Pence (who could pardon him, if needed), avoids the humiliation of a re-election loss, and becomes a kingmaker in GOP politics. Rub him the right way and he'll come to your town and tell 20,000 flag-waving mouth breathers (plus everyone watching it on the news) to vote for you. Every Republican would have to kowtow to him or go up against his media machine.
Yeah, it's creepy.
Yea the idea of him losing would cause his head to pop.
I imagine he would quit before facing that reality.
Currently I would just be happy if he could just manage to not get us into another shooting event of some type.
I seen in the news today that they raided Manafort's home. It was a no warning no knock raid. The kind they use with drug dealers. Pretty hard core. Must have been pretty worried that he would destroy evidence if warned.
From ABC news.
"According to a source familiar with the investigation, Manafort was awoken by a group of armed FBI agents knocking on his bedroom door as they executed the warrant on July 26."
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Yea those no knock raids are no joke, but I would imagine that anything of value is probable long gone.
Still it does send a message.
Even more so as this thing slowly moves up the food chain.