Now while I can understand Kaepernick's thoughts on the injustice that he sees in the system at present,
I can not get behind anything that would as Jim Brown say's "desecrate my flag and my national anthem".
Plus the fact that he is on the clock and on the stage that someone else is paying for is another reason.
Most jobs have operating standards for employees that prohibit behavior that casts a shadow on the business that is paying them.
The NFL is no different. The team owners call the shots as they are paying the freight.
I have no problem with Kaepernick kneeling during the anthem, for sure is his right,
but let him do it in the stands and out of the uniform that someone else is paying him to wear and expecting him to act accordingly.
I'm wondering if the money he's asking for plays a factor. You can't sign him as a backup quarterback if he's wanting 10-12 million a year. You'd think either the Jets or the Bills would snap him up on a 2 year deal now, though, given their QB woes. Something that bothers me about him: He didn't vote in the November election, because he considered there to be little difference between Clinton and Trump. But he also didn't vote for any school board candidate, city councilman, judicial candidate, state representative, mayoral candidate, or dog catcher. That doesn't sound like someone's who's truly civic-minded. I often leave races blank on my ballot, but I always find people worth voting for.
I'm more of the school that he isn't good enough to justify what he's asking. That and other teams don't want any bad publicity that he might bring with him.