So now comes the challenge of this world stirring event.
I still have not figured out what exactly is the upside for the United States for such a move
, I guess just because 45 gave his word and it is one of the things he can do without having to garner votes in the house or senate.
It would seem to me that with each step closer the Special Counsel gets to shining light on
the investigation, all of a sudden other world churning events are propelled to the front head lines.
Like the old magic trick, the left hand creates conflict so you do not see what the right hand is doing.
I was concerned that North Korea would be the magic used to keep the focus off of the things Mr Mueller
is digging up. No doubt now with Deutsche Bank sending Trump financial details to the Mueller investigation,
this recognition of Jerusalem is the fresh hell being invoked to keep the focus off of this finding of facts.
The curse goes "May you live in interesting times" , no doubt provoking the feelings of Muslims around the planet will
create exactly that. Starting out for the employees in the American consulate in Jerusalem and other embassies around the world, as
they tighten security after this event.
You're spot on, Watts. All the sane people -- i.e., all of our Western and Middle East allies -- who are warning him not to do it are wasting their breath. He wants to provoke multiple terrorist attacks here and abroad so he can bomb the hell out of several countries and look like a tough guy. And yes, to keep the focus off the multiple investigations into his treason, especially Mueller's.
When the intelligence community comes to him with urgent warnings about attacks on our soil, he will do the same thing Bush did: ignore them and let it happen, so that his approval rating soars as he starts avenging the attacks by carpet-bombing Iran or whatever.
He might even try to declare indefinite martial law and start rounding up dissidents across the country, and deporting Muslims en masse. And, of course, quashing all investigations into his treachery.
My hope for the future is solely based on the knowledge that A) he eats McDonalds and KFC by the bucketload, and B) he doesn't exercize because he truly believes that we are like batteries with a finite amount of energy that exercise depletes.
If we all hope and pray, perhaps that combination, plus the stress of being hunted by Mueller, will cause him to have a massive, fatal heart attack in the near future.
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I'm thinking one way or another stress will do him in. Lie a heart attach, stroke, go so blatantly nuts that no one can deny it, etc.
I imagine that Putin is rolling on the floor in laughter right now.
As many times as he has done things to work to garner more influence in the
middle east.
I truly believe that in one decision, 45 has handed him the keys to the region.
50 years of working on a peace process chucked out the window.
I do not see how inciting this part of the world helps the United States.
I do see how the evening news could be packed with all the fall out of this decision,
no doubt in hopes of overshadowing the progress of the special counsel fact finding.
So sad.