You really have to love good photo shop.
You really have to love good photo shop.
Pretty funny. Someone had a lot time on their hands.
From another Russian, with love:
An escort who is at the center of a major political scandal in Russia is calling on the United States for help in exchange for information on the election scandal around President Donald Trump’s campaign team.
Belarusian-born Nastya Rybka, a self-described sex expert—whose real name is Anastasia Vashukevich—rose to fame virtually overnight earlier this month, when she became the subject of an investigation by the prominent Putin critic Alexei Navalny.
...In a flurry of posts, some of which appear to show her being transported in a caged vehicle, Rybka spoke about her fear of being unjustly handed over to Moscow authorities and even being killed. She made numerous allusions to having valuable information on the scandal around alleged Russian collusion with the Trump team, without revealing whether the information would confirm or disprove allegations that Trump’s team engaged in collusion.
“I am ready to tell you about all those missing jigsaw puzzles, confirming them with audio and video,” Rybka said in an Instagram post addressed to the U.S. press on Tuesday night. She claimed that she knew “a lot” about the “sensation” around Russian involvement in the election, but did not suggest what more she had to add.
...Rybka alleged that she had information about “the connection between our respected parliamentary deputies with Manafort, Trump,” and the U.S. election in general, even though so far neither Navalny, nor U.S. reports into alleged collusion have focused on ties with the Russian parliament.
...In her latest post on Instagram, Rybka suggested she would soon be extradited to Russia and that she was jailed with the help of “Volodya,” a diminutive term for Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin has denied involvement in the case, including reports that a visit to Thailand by its top security adviser, Nikolai Patrushev, is linked to Rybka’s detention.
Oh shitski, Natasha, our Fearless Leader will not be liking this. We will be back in Siberia again soon if we do not kill Moose and Squirrel!