1 Corinthians 7:9
But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.
Evangelical voters don’t care at all about religion or morality; they’re defined solely at this point by hatred of Muslims, immigrants, and LGBT people.
These clowns spent most of four decades pretending the most important thing to them was personal character and faith of political leaders. They engineered the second ever presidential impeachment over it. But someone came along who not only didn’t share those values, but actively held them in contempt—yet 90% of evangelicals supported him, and what’s more, three quarters of evangelical voters now say that a leader’s personal character isn’t important at all. Because they hitched their wagons to someone who hates Muslims, immigrants, women, people of color, and LGBT people, and that was enough for them.
The handful of evangelical leaders who have maintained principled opposition to this have experienced enormous backlash, lost tons of supporters, and even received threats of violence over it. American evangelicalism has more or less developed into a movement centered entirely on who they hate, and is borderline openly white nationalist.
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What's funny and sort of sad is the organized religions can't seem to understand why people are moving away from them. Maybe it's because some are unchristian and hypocrites.
When I was a teenager, certain members of my family became ensnared in what was then called the "Born-Again Christian" movement, the '70s advance guard of today's evangelicals...the "Jesus freaks, out in the streets, handing tickets out for God" Elton sang of.
I faced a lot of pressure to self-lobotomize and submit to the cult, but even then their zealous hatred and puritanical lifestyle commands and blind faith in not only "God/Jesus" but those human leaders He/They have chosen to be the vessel of His/Their Word...fuckabuncha that sh*t. No way my teenaged self was gonna buy into it.
In particular, I was urged to stop hanging out with my delinquent hell-bound friends and hang out with the nice born-again kids in my high school. One of those kids grew up to be the guy who tried to hand Bill Clinton a fetus in Central Park. Another one was involved in the murder of a doctor who performed abortions.
These Jesus Nazis are truly sick. And they would support tRump and any other politician who says they will outlaw abortion and persecute gays, even if he raped babies to death on live TV.
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El Gringo
I tried Christianity. I left when it left me with more questions than answers.
But they were Southern Baptists, so maybe the SubGenius cult might be the true faith.
I tried Christianity. I left when it left me with more questions than answers.
But they were Southern Baptists, so maybe the SubGenius cult might be the true faith.
Dobbs don't lie. They are trying to take our Slack. But they'll have to pry mine from my cold, dead hands.
El Gringo
Gotta hand it to Trump. So far the only President to get the Left making memes praising Bush.
Is this real life, or is this just fantasy?
Yep, he's managed to become the worst president in record time and make all previous contenders look good.
Good bad or otherwise, we are living through history in the making. I just wonder what future historians will say about Trump and all of us.
El Gringo
This is why aliens probe cows. Because we're too stupid to qualify as an intelligent species.