Remember when this place was...whatever it was/?
Well there are a few of us left. Not many. Glad to see someone else stop by.
crayon toxic
Damn, it’s a ghost town
Holy sh*t I remembered my PW :smile::smile:
Mean Ol Bob 2x
Come back ever 7 or 8 months. Never anything new really.
herp derp
Camilla York
I can't find any of my old stuff and I have 1 friend now
Damn....are they still keeping track of who post the most?
Pepperidge Farms remembers
I see you fuckers coming up out of the woodwork...
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I still drop by once a year to see what's going on in here.
I haven't been back here in probably 2 years. Logged in on a whim. Having hard problems figuring out the structure. Damn, it's so difficult just trying to update my picture. I miss the old days too.
Dang I see so many familiar names.
Lets get the party started :)
Reunion tour?
I log in every few weeks. Never much of anything new going on. I miss the old Mojo, peanut butter bikinis, Petrus and all!
Jean Valjean
You know it's Spring when all the old Mofos come out of hibernation.
It would be nice if we could manage to get another outing planned and have people show up.
Haven't been around for a while myself. It's been a rough winter for me, but I hope to come out of the cocoon a little more now. Missing everyone! Maybe we can plan a gathering??
Hi Barcan Dog. Nice to see someone else in here.
some guy
This is the first time I've logged on in 2 or 3 years. And months late to the party! ߤ
Wow this site died since the last time i was on it.... it used to be hoppin all the time
It used to be a happenin place!
If anyone remembers Leese, I’m at her place in Miami right now I’m vacation!
Yep, sort of sad. Had so much fun on here back in the day. Now when I check in, I'm usually the only one online.