El Gringo
Bush slips Michelle Obama a mint, which she happily replies thank you.
Why is it only during funerals that the veil of partisanship drops and we see both sides for what they truly are, human.
Meh. Bush is still an a**h*le who lied the country into war. That is not something that is a partisan issue if you are aware that it's true.
Maybe he could spend the rest of his life offering mints to the tens of thousands of family members whose loved ones he inhumanly killed, maimed, and tortured.
That's a lot of mints. He'd better get on it, given his age and all. Not that it will save him from Satan's gaping, flaming maw after he croaks. But it might help his PR until then.
There ain't no such thing as a classy war criminal. Which invalidates your thread title.
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