So what do people think things will end up with Trump? Will he be charged with a state crime, impeached, etc.
No point in impeachment with an enslaved Republican Senate which would not convict him of murder after watching video of him shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue.
He will lose next year, and then when he is just a private citizen again he will be frog-walked out of Mar-a-Lagoon, charged with multiple crimes, convicted, and sent to where the jumpsuits are a perfect match for his garishly-dyed skin and "hair."
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Sort of what I have been thinking too. Plus we are running out of time for the impeachment process to play out. That is not even considering the Senate GOP will do their best to block it.
Best we can hope for it to as much as possible to make him irrelevant and prevent him from doing damage as much as possible. Like cause a recession. But I think it may already be too late for that.
Yes then once he is out of office, bring out everything he and everyone has been doing and let the chips fall where they may.
I would really not be surprised to see him as the first former president to do jail time.