This is for Scooby, who is dead and doesn't have to care. And for Slycon, who is brain-dead and therefore doesn't have to care either.
But for the record, you were both spectacularly wrong about global warming. There's no more argument, among sane people (which excludes resident Drumph, who you guys own.)
Here's reality, douchebags. Thanks for making it so much worse with your willful, corporate propaganda-swilling ignorance and belligerence in defense of criminal bullshit. You proud, bro?
"A string of natural disasters has hit the central U.S. in recent weeks. Tornadoes have devastated communities, tearing up trees and homes. Record rainfall has prevented countless farmers in America's breadbasket from planting crops. Rising rivers continue to flood fields, inundate homes and threaten aging levees from Iowa to Mississippi.
And while none of these events can be directly attributed to climate change, extreme rains are happening more frequently in many parts of the U.S. and that trend is expected to continue as the Earth continues to warm.
For many of the people living in the affected areas, the connection feels clear.
"I think climate change is affecting the world right now and we should probably start doing something," says Lucero Silva, watching the cresting river in Russellville, Ark.
"Somebody at my office told me, 'We all owe Al Gore an apology,' " says Breigh Hardman, standing on a bridge over the Arkansas River in nearby Fort Smith. Gore's 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth spurred both activism around global warming and opposition to it.
"It just tells us we got to come to a conclusion — not to get crazy — about global warming," says Matt Breiner, watching the river further upstream near downtown Tulsa, Okla.