As you all know, I have badly neglected the site for the past few years and have lost interest. I have basically just kept it around in case my other businesses failed and I needed something to work on as I believe the brand and community have potential.
But now its time to give it up and I would prefer that someone local purchase the site, as I think only a local can fully get the most value out of the site. So I will let you all know first before I list it on one of the platforms where professional site buyer/sellers get together.
Some questions I'm sure you will want to know. The old site code is gone, I lost it when I transfered the site to this platform. It may be possible to replicate some of the look by customizing the look of this site, but the old features and functionality of the old site would be probably difficult to replicate.
Also, as you probably can guess the site currently earns no money. Before I switched to the new site, the site did about 2k USD per month in ads, I think that was back in 2015? or 16? After we switched, I don't think the site ever has had any ads or monetizing. After the site lost popularity due to the switch, I kinda put it on the backburner and never gave it much attention.
The site traffic is down quite a bit from before the switch, so the new owner would not make $2k, it would earn much much less. Plus I don't believe the format of the site is made for good ad revenue. Another option is to do the old model of charging for membership. That would probably earn more than ads. But probably the best method is to get the site popular again and get local advertisers on board. When the site was popular the old owners had a full time staff of sales people and were getting thousands a month from I believe dozens of advertisers. Now that is going to be impossible to get back to, especially with facebook, but there is some potential there, which is why I have kept the site around.
Current costs are minimal, $15 dollars a month to host the site on a specialty hosting service that specializes with the software package currently used. Which is one of the main reasons I switched, the old software was written in coldfusion and needed expensive hosting. So coding improvements were very expensive to make since coldfusion programmers are expensive and the hosting was several hundred dollars a month as well. I spend thousands in coding improvements before I made the switch just on little coding jobs and little bug fixes. All that stuff is much cheaper in php. Plus you get free updates with the current software package too.
Please message me or list here any questions. I will try to send out a mass message on this platform if I can figure out how!
I am looking for reasonable offers so PM me if you are interested.
It wasn't the site switching template and format that killed Mojo, it was the fact that A. It was having trouble keeping up with major social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, and B. It switched to that dumb ass paid model in the first place. Doing so killed a large chunk of the user base, especially since it was giving females preferential treatment (no offense ladies) by giving them an additional year for free, where as the guys had to start paying to message people right off the jump. Advertisers probably took notice of this, and took their business elsewhere. Hell, if I were one of them, I would have done so too, seeing as how it was painfully obvious that Mojo had shot itself in the foot so to speak. I agree though, the site should be sold to someone adept enough at coding that actually cares about keeping the local online community thriving.
^ What he said.
Well I am local to Louisville and interested. But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.
how much you asking?