48 years old · Female
A Little About Me
please... no train wrecks , or grease fires. I have no desire to meet a toxic waste dump , either. Also, If your a scammer just don't bother me,I am not going to help you get back into the states because your visiting Nigeria and lost your wallet, and although I empathize with your grandmothers heart condition, I am not gonna write you a check to cover her surgery. If your selling timeshares, used cars , mobile homes,or love potions, i don't need any of those either.Same goes for those of you that are trying to figure out a way to pay off your Hyundai..Sorry if i come off as a less than tolerant person,the simple fact is i do not wish to get taken by someone living in his mothers basement with nothing better to do than try to mess with our hearts and take us for whatever they can get. I am a stable hardworking female, I work hard for what i have. I have standards that i have set pretty high. Gah, what a diatribe.. forgive me <img src="" alt="Smile" title="Smile" title="v_middle" />
What I'm Looking for
I am looking for the same in someone, someone with morals, values and standards. I am looking for simple honesty, cards on the table, no games, no drama, no"just to get laid on a Saturday night flings"(although, lol, nvm)...I want to get to know YOU and If YOU don't know you by now... please, move on. I will not be your God, your savior , or your guardian angel. I will not be placed on a pedestal, the fall is too painful <img src="" alt="Wink" title="Wink" title="v_middle" /> I am human just like you. Honesty is crucial,if you can't be honest with me, then your not being honest with yourself.. please refer to the "move on" part <img src="" alt="Wink" title="Wink" title="v_middle" />I am looking for someone witty that can keep up with me.
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Networking, Friends, Just dating, Long term relationship
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