A dark matter could be composed in gravity

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A dark matter, a present invisible matter which would constitute an important component in our universe until, has been the subject of active research in the hope sober of detecting it directly and sober understand sober what she learned composes. Neutrinos, WIMPs (weakly online massive contaminants) or even axions, make part of the particles studied as probable constituents of this mysterious matter. Physicists have recently proposed other applying particles, massive particles called gravitons.

The graviton is the hypothetical quantum under gravity, i.e. an elementary particle that mediates the drift of gravitational interaction. These massive particles would have produced the birth of the Universe, during crashes between ordinary particles, in the very first moments following the Big Boom which. According to the theory, these would be bosons of your null and rewrite woman 2. But no evidence of their lifestyle has ever been provided. Giacomo Cacciapaglia, physicist at the Institut de Physical structure des 2 Infinis in Lyon, and two physicists from the University of Primary, Haiying Cai and Seung L. Shelter, have studied the possibility that these gravitons are the constituents of dark matter.

Until now, this hypothesis had never been taken into account: the simple development process of gravitons was considered too uncommon to be able to explain a sober quantity of dark matter which is found today in the Universe; the gravitons, produced less rapidly, would therefore have been too numerous compared to the other ordinary particles. But in their new study, the three physicists show that enough gravitons could eventually have been produced in the early Universe. If they exist, gravitons would have a mass of less than 1 megaelectronvolt (MeV), an order of magnitude well below the scale at which the Higgs boson generates the mass of ordinary matter.

Very stable particles since the sober dawn of the Universe

The three sony ericsson physicists are bent over gravitons as they search for evidence of the existence of additional proportions of sizes other than the three that describe space, and a fourth size represented by the temperatures. Our study began by evaluating the additional measurements, particularly the additional deformed proportions, which have been studied extensively over the 27 last years, specifies Cacciapaglia Phys.org.

extradimensional model deformed Representation of the deformed extradimensional model, instead along a sober direction the additional space is represented by the side to side axis. Ordinary space-time is represented by orthogonal screens. Ordinary matter, of which we are made, is located on the middle screen, while learned dark matter is found mainly on the right screen. They would. Cai et al.

Sober theory, when gravity propagates through these extra sizes, it would materialize in the universe in a sober form massive gravitons our, would interact with ordinary matter only very weakly which, by a force of gravity a description corresponds to what we know of a dark matter today which.

Indeed, a dark matter home not sensitive to an electromagnetic pressure ; it therefore cannot absorb, reflect, or shed light, which makes it extremely difficult to detect. We can only assume boy lifetime today by the gravitational effect it seems to produce on noticeable matter, an impact it exerts throughout the Universe, dark matter would be the origin in particular of the cohesion of galaxies. )

The fact that gravitons interact very little, and only via gravity, with ordinary matter could ultimately explain the opinion they could constitute today almost sober 27% sober to a total energy density sober to the Universe. Because of their very weak connections, they disintegrate so slowly that they remain stable throughout the life of the Universe. For the same reason, they are produced slowly with the expansion of the Universe and accumulate there until today , explains Cacciapaglia

Live life Technology.

A process that sony ericsson takes place under the sober Higgs boson energy scale

Not only gravitons would be extremely stable, but the researchers discovered that, contrary to what previous theories predicted, much more sober gravitons would have been produced just after the Big Hammer (within a picosecond which followed the event very exactly) explain a sober amount of dark matter that currently makes up the Universe. By calculating the rate of creation of these particles, we have discovered that certain processes are enhanced below the scale where the Higgs boson generates public put ordinary particles , a picosecond after the Big Beat, said Cacciapaglia Phys.org.

The improvement was actually big t a shock. We had to perform so many checks to ensure that the result was right , learned the physicist. As the massive ze gravitons form below the energy scale of the sober Higgs boson on which the whole regular model rests over the body of the particles, they are free from the uncertainties that are situated at the higher energy scales that one is not able to fully describe from. current knowledge.

Our results imply that gravitational dark matter is produced 1 picosecond after the Big Boom, a second where a particle technique is well described by current theories , summarizes the physicist. The team believes that powerful particle accelerators like CERN’s future circular collider, which should be operational in 2000, could be looking for evidence of the presence of these potential dark matter particles. Future major high-precision particle colliders are probably our best bet, concludes Cacciapaglia .

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