OhgeesyOhgeesy: Was the musician shot while playing?

Ohgeesy: Was the musician shot while playing?
Ohgeesy, musician and associate of Shoreline Mafia, a hip hop team from the United States, was reportedly shot dead.

Ohgeesy is a member of the Los Angeles-based Shoreline Mafia. The group currently has an agreement with the American label Atlantic Recording Corporation. The group’s first mixtape was released in November 2017.

Ohgeesy has also contributed to the records Fall in Love, Musty, Bottle Service, Heavy, Keeper, Securite Service, Get Fly and others.

Ohgeesy Bio,Wiki

28 years old

Date of birth: November 27, 1993

hometown Los Angeles

Identity Alejandro Coranza

Member of the coastal mafia

Ohgeesy is he dead or alive after being shot?

Ohgeesy is currently healthy and uninjured. His pal Mac P Dawg was shot next to his girlfriend in 2020. He was a 24-year-old West Coast rapper from West Hollywood. He had been brutally murdered in Los Angeles by a murderer, and his lover was seriously injured.

People paid tribute to the musician after his passing and prayed for his family. Ohgessy expressed her affection and loss for her friend on Twitter. Following the incident involving Dawg’s, the music group found themselves in a tragic situation due to the second death of Nipsey Hussle.

Hussle was shot ten times in South Los Angeles on March 31, 2019, before dying in a parking lot. Two other victims of the incident were shot. All three were rushed to hospital, but were later pronounced dead. The person who killed them is believed to be Eric Ronald Holder Jr.

A young Ohgeesy teammate has died after being fatally injured in another event. So people can speculate that Shoreline Mafia is the next victim. The musician is still alive, and just yesterday he uploaded a video to Instagram.

Trouble DTE, an Atlanta rapper, was killed in June and an officer says he was shot while in the automobile.

Real name of Ohgeesy

Alejandro Coranza, born on November 27, 1993 in the United States, is known as Ohgeesy. He is 28 at the moment. Along with Rob Vicous, Robert Maggee, Fenix ​​Flexin, Fenix ​​Rypinski and Master Kato, Malik Carson, he is a member of the Shoreline Mafia.

The musician first met Fenix ​​in 2012 while doing graffiti in Los Angeles. They quickly started composing music, and Rob and Master soon joined them. However, they spent years creating music albums. The group gained popularity in 2016 and changed their name to Shoreline Mafia to become a rap group.

After their creation in 2016, they decided on the name of the group. Later, in November 2017, they released “Shore Line Do”, their complete mixtape, as an independent album. The tune Nun Major, Musty and Bottle Service was the most notable track on the album.

The majority of the song and beats were done by Ron-Ron without the band’s consent. But the two companies come together to form their alliance. The ensemble performed at the Rolling Loud Festival in San Bernardino, California in December. Even the top-tier set Only The Xclusives was the top draw of the year.

Ohgeesy net worth:

Ohgeesy’s estimated net worth is $2 million. He is part of the Shoreline Mafia team in the United States. The trio were signed to Atlantic Records in May 2018, and the record label reissued their previous album and released a new music video for the song Musty.

They went on tour in June 2018 and performed at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. The group participated in the Billboard Hot 100 New Work Music Festival. The same month, the Mafia Gang included a song on the Ron-Ron and Friends collection mixtape.

Approximate annual net worth


$1.25 billion

The Ohgeesy ensemble released a 4-track EP named Part Pack via Atlantic Records in August 2018. In 2018, the band toured the country on the Only The Xclusives Tour. Even the band itself performed in December at the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles.