Twitter is “Team Jung Kook” since the release of the singer’s photo folio

On August 11, 2022, BTS’s Jung Kook posted a mysterious photo of himself on BTS’s official Twitter account. The Euphoria singer wears red contact lenses and smudged lipstick in the blurry photo. With his white shirt and the way he dressed, many ARMYs thought he looked like a vampire.

The BTS member wrote in the caption of the post:

Later, the singer also shared a 6 second video of himself looking like a vampire. The video was released with a logo and is a teaser for a photo folio that will be released in September this year.

A photo-folio, which comes from the words “photo” and “portfolio”, is a collection of a photographer’s best work. BTS’s Jeon Jung-kook will be in charge of the photo-folio project, and soon other members will do the same. The word “Powerful” is the theme of his photo portfolio.

Needless to say, the mysterious photo of BTS’s youngest member caused a stir on Twitter, where ARMYs got creative and made a lot of changes to Vampire Jung Kook.

But most of the edits come from fans of the cult young adult series Twilight. These fans have now declared that they are neither “Team Edward” nor “Team Jacob”, but rather “Team Jung Kook”.

Fans cut Jung Kook in scenes from the Twilight film series.

Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Jacob Black, a werewolf, were the main male characters in the Twilight series. The human girl at the center of the story, Bella Swan, was loved by both Edward and Jacob. Even though Bella ultimately chose Edward as her partner, many fans thought she should have gone with Jacob instead. This led to the “Team Edward” versus “Team Jacob” debate.

After the Stay Alive singer posted a mystery photo, fans took to Twitter to feature him in official Twilight movie posters and scenes and declared that they were now “Team Jung Kook.” The unexpected crossover between BTS and Twilight made fans of both groups happy.

What we know about the next photo album

The youngest member of BTS has slowly started releasing teasers for his upcoming solo project after driving all of his fans crazy. The singer gave some clues in an Instagram post titled “Mood ‘Inner Self’ Teaser.” The details are still kept secret.

Korean media said the “Golden maknae” was involved in every part of the upcoming release’s photo shoot. Ahead of the official release, more teasers, concept films, and previews are expected.