Explanation of the “Better Call Saul” ending

Vince Gilligan’s Albuquerque saga ends with a wistful look and a pair of guns from behind bars as Kim leaves Jimmy to serve out his 86-year sentence. A line of bodies trails behind them, including Walter White, Howard Hamlin, Gus Fring, Lalo Salamanca and the rest of his family, Nacho Varga, Mike Ehrmantraut, Chuck McGill, Hank Schroeder and Steve Gomez, Gale Boetticher and countless cartel soldiers and neo-Nazis. It was a bloody, cruel world, but at the same time incredibly funny, poignant and fair in its own way. Just as Walter White got the death he deserved and desired, Jimmy McGill walks off on his own terms, tempting his crimes while being closer than ever to the woman he loves.

However, questions remain. Will Cheryl go through with her plan to sue Kim in civil court for her role in Howard’s death, as Bill Oakley pointed out? Is Jessie doing better in Alaska than Gene is doing in Omaha? Is this really the last time Jimmy and Kim see each other? Will Jimmy accept his prison fate so easily, living like himself, Saul Goodman and Gene Takovich at the same time, or is old Sliding Jimmy hungry to break? And are Jimmy’s enemies dead, or is there some Salamanca accomplice, or perhaps Uncle Jack and his Nazi thugs still out for revenge? At least for now we will never know and will have to accept the ending we are given.