LaMonica Garrett discusses her time in 1883, what to expect from the second season and more

We’re thrilled that “1883” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD and I’ve heard it has over two hours of extra content. What’s your favorite extra feature in there?

I’m not sure what they’re going to put in there, but there was a lot of footage we shot that, when it was edited, took on a life of its own. Some things may be too long, but there are some good things that have been left out and I hope they have added them. I don’t know exactly what’s going to be there, but if everything we filmed doesn’t make it into the final cut, fans will be in for a treat.

Looking back, what did you enjoy the most about the entire 1883 experience?

The family that was built inside the show, all actors. From the moment we got to cowboy camp, we all had a close bond. We were there together. It was us against the whole world. Every couple of weeks we moved from one ranch to another. None of us returned home to our families. [“1883”] been our family for five or six months – and when you spend so much time with people, you become very close.

Even after it was over, we talked all the time. We go to Tim [McGraw]concerts. Me and a couple of actors went to Bill Pickett’s rodeo. We rode it a few weeks ago. i hit sam [Elliott] wished him a happy birthday the other day. Me and my son went to Sam’s house, hung out and played. Now this is a family. From now on, he will have the same energy.

Do you feel like you have friends for life?

Yeah. There are certain shows that you work on a little bit and people go off and when you see them or hear from them it’s like, “Hey, what’s up?” But there are other shows, like 1883, where you actively address people like, “Hey, I’m fine.”