Saul Goodman’s Best Witnesses from Better Call Saul

As Season 4 of Better Call Saul begins, Jimmy faces the aftermath of his brother Chuck’s death in a house fire. Instead of facing guilt, Jimmy seizes the opportunity when he comes in for an interview for a sales position at a copier company. Thinking the employers are buffoons, he turns down their impassioned job offer, but not before carefully examining the Hummel figurine they have on their shelf. After a quick web search, Jimmy discovers that the Hummel is on sale for $9,000..

In the next episode “Something Beautiful” Jimmy relays this offer to Mike Ehrmantraut.. Showing him a Hummel he found at a pawnshop for $20, Jimmy tells Mike of his plan to break into the copiers’ offices and trade the fake Hummel for a more expensive one. To Jimmy’s surprise, Mike refuses, saying it’s not his job. However, Jimmy remains determined to make it happen, so he calls Dr. Caldera, the black book human veterinarian from whom he purchased Hewell’s services in “Chicaria”.

When the source of Caldera fluctuates too, Jimmy is forced to make himself known to the guy on the phone, saying this quote in order to convince the guy of the simplicity and efficiency of the work. Unfortunately, the plan, later adopted, results in several close calls to the contact, future Breaking Bad pest/burglar Ira.