Kirsten Storms of General Hospital on how she is perceived by some fans of the show

During a speech at FABLifeShow Storms revealed in 2015 that she often has to deal with fans of the series who refer to her by her character’s name. “They really think we’re our characters and I’m referred to as Maxi all the time.” Storms explains that this often happens online and adds that it may be because soap operas air five days a week. “They question the decisions of my characters and all that. For example, I’m married, I have a baby, I don’t make the same decisions as my character,” she said regretfully.

Soap fans are notorious for their intense devotion to their favorite actors and shows, though sometimes the line between what’s real and what’s fiction can get tangled in their minds. This can sometimes lead to chaos, as the fans of some couples with large fan followings can be very loud and sometimes ruin the lives of the actors playing the characters they adore. Just take a look at how Days of Our Lives fans reacted when the show was moved to Peacock after being aired on NBC on Twitter for decades and you can see just how devoted fans can be. But Storms appears to be able to overcome these blows with aplomb, as are many of her peers. It’s all the drama of the day, the exchange of children, the theft of a husband.